Tuesday, 4 November 2014

New Book recommendation: Introductory statistics using SPSS

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A selection for lovers of the statistical software SPSS is:

Introductory statistics using SPSS by Herschel Knapp. Call Number: 005.55 SPS/KNA

An extract from the Publisher website states:

The friendly and practical approach to this learning package is ideal for in-class / lab SPSS work, remote learning, and self-paced independent study.

Each chapter is structured to answer questions that students most want answered:
  • What statistical test should I use for this situation?
  • How do I set up the data?
  • How do I run the test?
  • How do I interpret and document the results?
They learn by doing, completing practice exercises at the end of each chapter. Video tutorials on the accompanying website clearly demonstrate how to set up the data and run the test in SPSS. Instructor support includes sample syllabi, all datasets, and PowerPoint presentation files for each chapter.

Looking through I can see lots of screenshots, plain English instructions, short exercises and examples for things like the martial arts sounding Chi-square and other even headings like Good Common Sense.

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