Monday, 24 November 2014

Summer Reading: Next Semester Textbooks

If you what to find out some of next year's textbooks, you can go to the Co-op Bookshop online website and check there. The Co-op staff have pointed out they do not have all of the textbook lists just yet though. Checking out the textbook is useful if you are considering enrolling and want to see what might be covered and get an idea of the upfront costs. Textbook lists are usually available only after you enrol and have access to LearnJCU to see the subject information.

The biggest problem most students would argue is deciding, whether the time and hassle saved by buying the textbook versus borrowing for free from the library is best. As a former uni student I would always recommend buying the textbook. It is always handy to have the text for revision available, especially during exam and assignment times when the library copies may all be on loan. After working in the library and seeing upset students unable to get a copy from the library, I know that the stress and cost of buying a copy is often less than failing a subject. Choosing to not buy a textbook and then not being able to access a copy is almost Shakespearean with my kingdom for a horse overtones.

So my recommended option is, if you can find what the textbook is early, come in to the library and borrow or browse it before next semester starts. You can then judge whether it might be worthwhile to buy the textbook or rely on the whims of the library lending gods to favour you at peak lending periods.

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