Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The slab has been poured for Townsville Mabo Library's outdoor seating

If you didn't know already, the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Townsville is having some construction work done outside, at the south western Cafe' entrance, to provide more seating and tables.

Today the slab was poured and we are one step closer to the finished product. The concreters did a pebble aggregate top finish to match the other paths nearby, after doing the hard yards of wheel barrowing the concrete to the more distance spaces of the area.

This should be a well used space as JCU Townsville campus is located in a dry tropical climate, and for most of the academic year it is comfortable enough outdoors under shade. You can sometimes get a wireless connection to the eduroam network outside of the Mabo Library, so I expect some of the Cafe' and study culture might drift outside.

And on more concrete and JCU related news, JCU researchers have found a way to replace the metal mesh or rebar that reinforces concrete with recycled plastic fibres. 

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