Tuesday, 13 January 2015

New Book Display recommendation: The elements of academic style: Writing for the humanities

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A selected title from this week is:

The elements of academic style: Writing for the humanities by Eric Hayot. (2014)
Call number: 808.06378 HAY

This is an engagingly written style guide for academics and scholars, postgraduate students and their supervisors, and even undergraduates would find it useful. Its main scope is the humanities disciplines of cultural and literary studies.

The book combines practical suggestions about the structure of scholarly writing for essays, theses, abstracts and books with psychological support and tips to ease the writing process.

It touches on points such as the history and purpose of academic writing and compares different cultural traditions of academic writing across countries, institutions, and publishers.  The academic writer's development from undergraduate to faculty member is discussed. This examination of the writer's experience allows the reader to contemplate the shift in writing style needed and the reasoning behind it. It outlines multiple ways to break down the writing process for the various forms of academic writing. The writing is conversational in tone but with a witty academic edge, moving from a broad view to a closer look at style choices, purposes and specific tips.

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