Friday, 6 February 2015

CopyPrint Paystations

Ongoing improvements to JCU's CopyPrint system for students have entered another phase.

Students can now add cash to their CopyPrint account at the Paystations located at the JCU Libraries in Townsville and Cairns. There is no need to queue at the InfoHelp desk.

The Paystations are located on the ground floor at each campus library, in Cairns in the entrance foyer and, in Townsville in the 24 Hour InfoCommons.

Please note the following when you are using the Paystations:
  1. You need your student ID card and cash (notes and coins) to use the CopyPrint Paystation
  2. Your payment is processed immediately (no need to wait 10 minutes for the transaction to process)
  3. You can check your CopyPrint balance at the paystation before adding funds (you can also check your balance online or at a printer)
  4. No change is given so ensure you have the right money before getting to the paystation
Don't forget that online payments via StudentsOnline are possible and have now been reduced to a $5 minimum.

Don't hesitate to see staff at the InfoHelp desk if you need assistance.

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