Sunday, 22 February 2015

Getting lost in the library and online: Ask a Infohelp Rover

InfoHELP Rover with wireless instructions
In your first week back at Uni you may be unlucky to have an IT problem or question. The Library Infohelp desk located on the ground floor at both Cairns and Townsville is a place to go for help.

We offer IT support and tips for many basic issues and most questions are resolved immediately. If the problem requires more assistance we will assist you in logging a job with the IT Help Desk.

 Common issues and questions we deal with in the first few weeks are:
  • My password doesn't work on my email but does everywhere else
  • I forgot my login id
  • I can't open or download readings from LearnJCU
  • One of my enrolled subjects is not appearing in LearnJCU
  • I can't connect to eduroam the wireless network
  • I don't know how to print
  • I want to load EndNote
  • I need to sign up for Tutorial groups
You can also approach the InfoHELP rovers and ask them. You can spot them by their shirts with InfoHELP ROVER embroidered on their backs.

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