Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Verb Day

March 4th is known in some quarters as "Verb Day" (march forth, get it?).

In honour of one of the hardest working parts of any sentence, we thought we would highlight a few books about verbs in various languages.

So here are three eBooks and three print books about verbs, from our collection:

French Verbs Made Simpler, by David Brodsky (eBook) 
Verb Constructions in German and Dutch, by Pieter Seuren (eBook) 
Predicate formation in the verbal system of modern Hebrew, by Judith Junger (eBook) 
The Complete Japanese verb guide, compiled by the Hiroo Japanese Center (Townsville Reference collection, 495.68 COM) 
Meaning and the English verb, by Geoffrey N. Leech (print book available for loan, 428.2 LEE) 
Transitivity, causation, and passivization: a semantic-syntactic study of the verb in classical Arabic, by George Nehmeh Saad (print book available for loan, 492.75 SAA)

To be perfectly honest, this is just a small handful of the books we have which contain the word "verb" in the title.  We actually have stacks of resources on verbs (and grammar in general) across several languages.

Why don't you try looking in One Search to see if we have some books about verbs in a language you are interested in?  Chances are, we probably do.

"What?  Even Esperanto?"

Well, actually, yes.

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