Thursday, 16 April 2015

A Fascination for Twilight?

ABC2 has been re-screening the Twilight Saga, which is not something I would have expected of ABC.  Once upon a time, we could be reasonably sure that ABC stood for "Another British Comedy/Crime show" - but ABC2 has been forging a different path.

We do not have the Twilight movies available for loan in the JCU Library... but we do have the books.

The Curriculum Collection is intended to be a model school library, and it contains many works that would be of interest to kids, teenagers and young adults.  As such, it's one of the places we recommend people browse if they just want something fun to read for the holidays.

The Twilight book are held in Curriculum at 810 MEY(S).

But - and here's where things get interesting - we also have the first book of the series in multiple languages.

Why?  Well, because the first book was clearly the best and the others were just a bit rubbish, really.  Oh, and we wanted to have some popular reading material available in the languages taught here at JCU.  We also have the first book of the Harry Potter series, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in multiple language.

So, would you like to read Twilight in...
Twilight, da Stephanie Meyer, traduzione di Luca Fusari 
Main Collection 810 MEY(S) 2C TWI/FAZ
Or German?
Biss zum Morgengrauen: Twilight, von Stephanie Meyer, auf dem Amerikanischen von Karsten Kredel 
Main Collection 810 MEY(S) 1C TWI
What about French?
Fascination, par Stephanie Meyer, traduit de l'anglais par Luc Rigoureau 
Main Collection 810 MEY(S) 1C TWI/HAC

You can indulge your love of vampire romance and practice your reading skills - all at the same time!

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