Monday, 20 April 2015

Between Battles 2: Introducing the Research Team

Across the coming weeks we'll be posting about the Between Battles project on this blog. Today, meet the varied and talented research team which has been put together for the project.  The team comprises academic staff, librarians, and honours students from James Cook University.

Dr Claire Brennan
Dr Claire Brennan is history discipline coordinator at James Cook University in the College of Arts, Society & Education. Claire’s teaching focuses on the environmental history of Australia and the Pacific, Australian and Pacific exploration, and global history. While her research centres on the history of animals her global history interests mean that she is currently exploring the ANZAC centenary and its commemoration.

Dr Susann Liebich
Dr Susann Liebich is a postdoctoral fellow at Karl Jaspers Centre for Advanced Transcultural Studies (University of Heidelberg), where she is part of a research group on "Ships as Transcultural Spaces". She is also an Adjunct Research Fellow at James Cook University, Townsville.  Susann’s research focuses on aspects of print culture and the history of reading in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, mostly within the British Empire. She has a particular expertise within the area of military troopship reading and writing.
Anthony Styan   Photo credit: Jane Ryder
 Anthony Styan is currently completing an honours year in his Bachelor of Arts in history at James Cook University. His thesis examines Townsville’s first zoo, the Mount St. John Zoo, and places it in the context of zoos in Australia and their links to both animal trading and conservation.  Anthony was involved with the Museum of Tropical Queensland’s ‘Croc Country’ exhibition. 

Jane Ryder   Photo credit: Jane Ryder
Jane Ryder has a research interest in cultural military history, particularly military music and performance. Having grown up within a defence family, Jane has a special connection to military projects and is currently researching the history of the North Queensland Army Band as part of her honours year studying a Bachelor of Arts in history at James Cook University. Jane also has experience in the use of oral history.
Robert Baxter   Photo credit: Jane Ryder
Robert Baxter is currently completing an honours year in his Bachelor of Arts in history at James Cook University. His thesis examines commercial crocodile hunting in tropical north Queensland and the Gulf of Carpentaria. Robert was involved with the Museum of Tropical Queensland’s ‘Croc Country’ exhibition.

Maria Liliana Ortega Martinez   Photo credit: Jane Ryder
MarĂ­a Liliana Ortega Martinez recently completed her Bachelor Degree of history with Honours at The Rosario University in Colombia. She has a special interest in the history of medicine, completing her thesis on eighteenth century Colombian Medicine in 2014. Maria has been living in Australia for six months and is enjoying learning more about Australian history through this project.
Bronwyn McBurnie   Photo credit: Andrew Rankin
Bronwyn McBurnie is the Special Collections Librarian at James Cook University in Townsville. Bronwyn oversees a broad range of collections held at the University, including the North Queensland Collection, Library Archives, Rare Books, North Queensland Photographic Collection, and the Shaw Collection of Australian Art.  She is also working on the development of NQHeritage, a new online repository for the University Library's Special Collections.
Dr Haidi Beard   Photo credit: Jane Ryder
Dr. Haidi Beard is the Special Collections Officer at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library at James Cook University in Townsville. Haidi assists staff, students and members of the public with accessing the collections.  Currently she is also creating new descriptive records for Townsville-based Library Archives in NQHeritage.

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