Wednesday, 6 May 2015

New Book Display recommendation: The Name Must Not Go Down

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A title of interest:
The Name Must Not Go Down by Joseph Ketan
320.995565 KET

An extract from the publishers website states:

This book analyses how and why people in Mount Hagen have incorporated the state into their local megacycle. By analysing political competition at the local level where such nationally prominent leaders as Paias Wingti, Robert lak, Michael Mel, and Paul Pora operate, this study facilitates understanding the behaviour of politicians who interact within and between two separate moral realms. This study explores the level and extent of interpenetration between state and society to determine whether one system has dominated the other.

An interesting political study from a Papua New Guinea researcher that bridges the insider, outsider dynamic of research. Also looks at 'traditional Indigenous' societies and the meeting of the 'modern world' from a more realistic human perspective. Of interest to political science students, international affairs, development workers, social science and anthropology students.

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