Wednesday, 13 May 2015

We need to stop punishing scientists for talking to the public - article from The Conversation by Bill Laurance

Bill Laurance has just published a great article in The Conversation about the need to reward 'non-traditional' forms of communicating research. Our universities encourage researchers to engage with the wider community, yet there are no formal systems to reward researchers for doing this.

The opening paragraph of Bill's article states:

As scientists, my colleagues and I are often told we need to engage the general public and decision makers, to use our expertise to inform public discourse and debates and to reach a far wider audience than just our professional colleagues.

Bill's complete article is available at

Building on the advice in Bill's article, it is also critical that research outputs are publicly available i.e. they are Open Access. Don't leave readers, who want to know more about your research, frustrated. Make sure they are easily able to find and access your full research outputs. This can be achieved by loading your publications to ResearchOnline@JCU.

For more information about Open Access:

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