Monday, 22 June 2015

Between Battles 13: Small Box Camera

Caption:  Soldier of the Great War - Astley James Bromfield on leave in Colombo on a rickshaw, Image from the Bromfield Album, NQ Photographic Collection, JCU Library Special Collections.   Photographer: unknown   
Recreational photography became popular around 1900 when Kodak released the first inexpensive camera, the ‘Box Brownie’. While available, cameras would still have been a luxury item for many soldiers during the First World War.

 The A.J. Bromfield Album (from the North Queensland Photographic Collection, JCU Library Special Collections) is a good example of armature soldier photography, and many of the photos were probably captured using a small portable box camera, similar in style to this slightly later model which was recently loaned to the Between Battles team by the 4th Field Regiment Royal Australian Artillery (4RAA) Museum at Lavarack Barracks in Townsville.

Caption:  Box Camera from 4RAA Museum Collection     Photo Credit: Jane Ryder
Caption: A rare photograph of World War One soldiers in the field with a bellows-style camera.  Source: 4RAA Museum Collection

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