Friday, 12 June 2015

Follow the JCU Library Twitter feed: @JCULibrary

Twitter's slogan is Twitter is your window to the world.

To peer through the library curtains at an information feed of 140 characters or less per post just follow JCU Library Twitter feed @JCULibrary. Go to

The Twitter feed will give you JCU Library related news including links to more in depth information available at the JCU Library & Computing News blog, on the JCU Library Facebook page, and upcoming Library Events, relevant IT news for accessing library information, other JCU news or other information JCU library tweeters find relevant.

There are a range of academic, social, college run, student and staff focused JCU official social media sources ranging across Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. You can also follow many JCU academic staff's professional blogs and feeds. It is best to use the above link to official JCU social media sites to ensure you are getting true information about JCU.

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