Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Copy, print, scan at JCU

Image: Emma wins at photocopier (Lurie, 2006).
This started as a post on printing and then there was an unplanned network outage on the Townsville campus and we discovered just how many people wanted to print today. Our talented IT staff have now resolved the issue.

We wanted you to know of the smorgasbord of options you have in relation to gathering your notes for exams and final assessments, and for keeping your account topped up.

First, if you swipe your student card to release your printing and get a 'log-in failed' message, you will probably need to top up your account.
  • Check your account balance at the machines in the Townsville or Cairns libraries, or on Students Online
  • Add credit to your account using the same systems. The machines take coins and notes. The online method requires money from your bank account.
So you have credit on your card. You can now: 
You can also send documents to print wirelessly from your laptop. Find the relevant instructions online.

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