Monday, 12 October 2015

New book recommendations for law and criminology

These new books might interest students studying Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Bachelor of Laws, and related subjects.

CY3890 Green Criminology students particularly will find much to explore in Issues in Green Criminology. Contributions from leading thinkers in this rapidly developing field explore key concepts such as gender inequalities, racism, dominionism and speciesism, classism, the north/south divide, the accountability of science, and the ethics of global capitalist expansion.

Punishment and Privilege examines white collar crimes and discrimination in criminal justice administration in the United States. Find this book in Townsville at 364.60973 PUN or request it through the catalogue.

With a nation-wide focus on prevention of violence against women, Critical Issues on Violence Against Women: International perspectives and promising strategies, presents a range of critical reflections on the strengths and limitations of responses to violent crimes against women and how they have evolved to date. Themes covered include advances in measurement of violence against women, justice system responses to intimate partner violence and sexual assault, victim crisis and advocacy, and behaviour change programs for abusers. Each section is supplemented with learning objectives, critical thinking questions and lists of further reading to encourage discussion and to help students appreciate the contested nature of policy. Find this book in Townsville at 362.88082 CRI on the first floor of the library, or request it through the catalogue.

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