Wednesday, 18 November 2015

New eBook recommendation - Covered in Ink: Women and the Politics of the Body

Covered in Ink: Women and the Politics of the Body provides important insight into the often unseen world of women and tattooing. Drawing on autoethnography, and extensive interviews with heavily tattooed women, this new eBook provides insight into the increasingly visible subculture of women with tattoos.
Author Beverly Thompson visits tattoos parlors, talking to female tattoo artists and the women they ink, and she attends tattoo conventions and Miss Tattoo pageants where heavily tattooed women congregate to share their mutual love for the art form. Along the way, she brings to life women’s love of ink, their very personal choices of tattoo art, and the meaning tattooing has come to carry in their lives, as well as their struggles with gender norms, employment discrimination, and family rejection. Thompson finds that, despite the stigma and social opposition heavily tattooed women face, many feel empowered by their tattoos and strongly believe they are creating a space for self-expression that also presents a positive body image.

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