Wednesday, 30 March 2016

World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day is on the 2nd of April, is one of only four official health-specific United Nations Days and seeks to bring the world's attention to autism, a spectrum disorder that affects tens of millions of people around the world. On this day we celebrate the unique skills and talents of people with autism and try to impart information regarding the importance of early diagnosis and early intervention.

For those interested in learning more about autism, the following books are available from the JCU Library:

At home in the land of Oz: Autism, my sister, and me by Anne Clinard Barnhill.
This bittersweet memoir will resonate with everyone interested in autism spectrum conditions.

Autism: A comprehensive occupational therapy approach edited by Heather Miller-Kuhaneck.
Various reports in the national media have focused on a potentially significant rise in the incidence of autism during the past decade. As such, providing occupational therapy practitioners with a comprehensive guide for practice with people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to be a primary goal of this best-seller.

Encyclopedia of autism spectrum disorders edited by Fred R. Volkmar.
The Encyclopedia contains several thousand entriesd relevant to autism and related conditions, including new research findings; entries on development and behavior; assessment methods and instruments; treatments and educational interventions; biographies of leaders in the field; and information relevant to epidemiology, social policy, and treatment planning.

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