Friday, 15 April 2016

Nature Climate Change turns five!

To celebrate this milestone birthday, Nature Climate Change has compiled a web collection exploring how the climate change research landscape has evolved over the last five years.

Content includes five specially commissioned News & Views articles, each examining the influence of earlier papers, an Editorial and News Feature to look at advances made in the last five years, and ten pieces of opinion and research from the Nature Climate Change archives.

To investigate for yourself and see how much or how little has changed, follow this link: Focus: Fifth-anniversary highlights.

As well as Nature Climate Change, James Cook University has current subscriptions to 20 Nature Publishing Group journals, including archival access to the journal Nature from 1869. Below is a small selection of the journals we subscribe to through Nature Publishing Group. These journals cover a range of scientific and medical topics to assist you in your studies.

Happy birthday to Nature Climate Change, and Happy Reading to you!

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