Thursday, 5 May 2016

CCH 2016 Tax and Accounting Federal Budget Report

Are you interested in learning more about what the 2016 Federal Budget entails? Looking for a more in depth analysis? If so, you're in luck - CCH Wolters Kluwer has just released its CCH 2016 Tax and Accounting Federal Budget Report!

The report examines the 2016 Federal Budget, with a run down of all of the important tax and superannuation developments and insights from the CCH Wolters Kluwer budget team. CCH has also put together a Budget Infographic, which is worth a look, and are offering a complimentary webinar on the 11th of May at 2:00PM AEST to discuss key insights from the budget and how it may impact you.

JCU users have access to this report thanks to JCU's CCH IntelliConnect subscription. Anyone studying or interested in learning more about taxation, accounting, or the legislation surrounding these areas can head over to CCH IntelliConnect and CCH eBooks for journals and eBooks on topics ranging from taxation to corporations, family law, torts, and conveyancing law.

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