Wednesday, 25 May 2016

New Book Recommendation: Tang - Treasures From the Silk Road Capital

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 An eBook title of interest is: Tang: Treasures from the silk road capital by Cao Yin (editor) with essays by Cao Yin, Edmund Capon, Qi Donfang, Jessica Rawson and Zhang Jianlin

 An extract from the publisher's website states:

Situated at the beginning, or the end, of the famous trade routes known as the Silk Road, China’s ancient capital ‒ Chang’an ‒ flourished during the Tang dynasty (618‒907) to become the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the world. Tang: Treasures from the Silk Road Capital presents wondrous and diverse artefacts from Chang’an and the surrounding area from temples and the tombs of the wealthy and the elite.

The spectacular archaeological findings, drawn from eleven institutions in Shaanxi province, include gold, silver, glass, ceramics, sculptures and mural paintings demonstrate the high artistic achievements of this Golden Age of China.
With few publications available in English on the art of the Tang dynasty, this will be a welcome book for general and specialist readers alike.

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