Monday, 20 June 2016

Anatomy TV for Exercise Physiology and Sport and Exercise Science

Anatomy TV is an invaluable tool for anyone studying Sport and Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology. Beyond the comprehensive anatomy components of the platform, which are brilliant for studying and improving your anatomy skills, there is also an entire section dedicated to functional anatomy.

The Functional Anatomy section offers a series of modules on different topics, one broad Functional Anatomy module, a module each for Sport Injuries of the Shoulder, Knee, and Foot and modules focusing on Exercise, Pilates, Resistance Training, and Yoga.

Using the Functional Anatomy module, you can view videos and animations of different physical activities. These videos show the muscles used in performing the action and highlight the agonist and antagonist throughout the movement. The agonist is shown in green, while the antagonist is shown in red. The colours change as the movement is performed, to show the current function of each active muscle.

This module is great for learning which muscles are being engaged in different actions, and what their role is. Videos include animations of common actions such as jogging, walking up stairs, and kicking. There is a slides section, where you can view dissection slides or illustrations of trigger points and the usual anatomy tab is available, with selectable structures.

The Sports Injuries modules provide detailed information on injuries to the shoulder, knee and foot, respectively. Use these modules to discover detailed information on various sports related injuries, how they can occur and relevant examination techniques. Videos of examination techniques are available and animations of the mechanics of different injuries give an inside look at what is happening to the body when common injuries occur.

These modules also include Quiz sections where you can test your knowledge of the structures and injuries you have been reading about and interacting with. This will help to identify areas you need to focus on while also assisting to cement the concepts in your memory.

The Exercise, Pilates, and Yoga modules are also worth checking out for further focused content on each topic. At the very least, take a look at the Yoga module to check out some skeletons doing yoga!

If you've missed the earlier blog posts on Anatomy.TV make sure you refer back to them now for a run-down of how to use Anatomy.TV!

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