Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Anatomy.TV – 3D Anatomy and Physiology

The 3D Anatomy & Physiology section of Anatomy.TV provides information on a range of anatomy subjects. Modules include Body Plan and Organisation, Chemistry, Digestive System, Metabolism, and Cell Biology, amongst others.

Each module will open in a new window. There are four panels – the Navigation Menu, where you can skip through the modules topics, ‘What you Need to Know’ which summarises the information you should understand after studying the topic; the ‘Text Pane’ which contains information and embedded multimedia links as well as links to supplementary learning activities; and the ‘Viewing Window’ which is where illustrations and 3D models will display. TIP: You can save a PDF copy of the information in the Text Pane at any time! This is great for when you want to study offline, or if you want to print the information for your notes. You can also save or print images from the viewing window to add to your presentations, assignments, or teaching materials!

For more information on how to navigate the modules, see the following video tutorials: Navigation Menu, Exploring Anatomy and Physiology Content, Multimedia, and What you need to Know.

The viewing window can display 3D sequences, animations, illustrations, clinical slides, and dissection slides. TIP: Hovering over a structure with your mouse will reveal the structure’s name.

Interactive learning activities are placed throughout the information in the text pane. Activities relate specifically to the section of text containing the activity banner and can consist of quizzes, clicking structures, colouring book, or print and label activities. TIP: Clicking on blue links in the Text Pane will highlight the relevant structure on the 3D model in the viewing window!

For more information on the interactive learning activities, see the Introduction to Interactive Learning Activities video tutorial.

At the bottom of the navigation menu you will see four additional content buttons. These allow you to explore specialised additional content for the module. The Aging link contains information about how aging affects the relevant body system and the Clinical link will provide information on common clinical conditions associated with the body system. If your lecturer has turned them on, you will also see a link for case studies and module quizzes where you can test your knowledge of the structures and relevant clinical conditions.

For more information on the quizzes and case studies, see the Quizzing and Case Studies video tutorials.

To save the entire page for easy viewing, select the copy weblink button which is beside the search option at the top of the module. This will generate a unique web address which can be copied and shared. TIP: Use this to share specific content with study mates. Lecturers can also use this function to share content with their students!

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Coming next - Anatomy.TV for Medicine, Nursing, and Midwifery Students!

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