Monday, 27 June 2016

Anatomy.TV for Dentistry and Dental Hygiene

Studying Dentistry and looking for more resources? Check out what Anatomy.TV has to offer!

There are three dedicated Dentistry modules within the Anatomy.TV platform: 3D Head & Neck Anatomy for Dentistry, 3D Anatomy for Dental Hygiene, and Real-Time Dentistry. Simply navigate to Anatomy.TV and select the Clinical Specialties tab on the left hand side of the screen to find these titles.

Read up on dental anesthesia, salivary glands, embryogenesis, pterygopalatine fossa, and more using the clinical information section of the 3D Head & Neck Anatomy for Dentistry and 3D Anatomy for Dental Hygiene modules. This information can be accessed by clicking the Dentistry (Dentistry) tab or Clinical (Dental Hygiene) tab, located in the top navigation bar of each module between the Animations tab and the Search button.

Having trouble memorising the morphology of different teeth? 3D Anatomy for Dental Hygiene allows you to inspect individual teeth, with regions showing cusps, grooves, pits, ridges, and roots. Clicking each region of the tooth will display information on that region and how it exists in context with other regions and/or structures. Teeth can be rotated, and layers can be added or removed using the controls at the bottom of the module. This provides an invaluable tool in learning and memorising important landmarks and major trends and will help with differentiating between particular teeth, such as maxillary vs mandibular and right vs left. Remember, you can always save an image or section of text and print it for offline study!

Anatomy.TV also offers fully selectable 3D illustrations of dental conditions such as caries, abscesses, gingivitis, and periodontal disease. Use these in conjunction with the clinical information provided in the Dentistry (Dentistry) or Clinical (Dental Hygiene) tabs to build your knowledge of the most common clinical dental conditions. Clinical slides, consisting of photographs, scans, illustrations, and diagrams of various clinical conditions, and dissection slides are also available. These can all be saved for future reference, included as visual aides in study notes, or added to spice up assignments or presentations!

The third Dentistry module, Real-Time Dentistry, offers a complete, interactive 3D atlas of dental anatomy. In this module you can create truly custom images by using the controls to rotate structures, hide or isolate structures, and add or remove structures such as nerves or arteries from your view. All structures are fully selectable, and clicking any structure will bring up relating text which can be saved or printed at any time. For extra help memorising certain structures, create your own custom labeled images like the one to the left to print and study offline. You can also create images with blank labels, to quiz yourself and improve your memorisation and confidence!

The Dentistry and Dental Hygiene modules will display with the same interface as the 3D Atlas modules. If you missed the earlier post on how to navigate these modules, make sure to check it out now – Anatomy.TV – 3D Atlas. The third Dentistry module, Real-Time Dentistry, operates on a simplified version of the Anatomy.TV 3D Real-Time platform. Make sure to read through the instructions on launch of the module even if you have already used Anatomy.TV 3D Real-Time, as there are some significant differences. This module will not work in Google Chrome.

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