Thursday, 9 June 2016

Anatomy.TV for Medicine, Nursing, and Midwifery

Studying Medicine, Nursing, or Midwifery? Make sure you check out what Anatomy.TV has to offer your discipline! Whether you’re struggling with the basics or just want to reinforce some of the more complex concepts of anatomy, Anatomy.TV is the place to look.

Anatomy.TV allows you to practice your identification of different structures and memorise how they interact with other structures in the body, without leaving your computer or tablet device.

Use clinical slides in 3D Atlas to see MRIs and CT scans or photographs of surface anatomy for clinical conditions. Most scans are fully selectable, allowing you to improve or test your interpretation abilities! For extra help, don’t forget you can use the MRI tab to display a 3D model alongside the MRI image.

Anatomy.TV also allows you to save and print images as you go. Use 3D Real Time to add your own labels to a structure you are struggling with and print the customised image to view offline. Stick it up on the back of the toilet door or your bedroom wall to help with memorisation!

Testing yourself will allow you to identify areas you need to review and also assists in cementing concepts into your memory. Anatomy.TV provides a multitude of options for medical and nursing students to test their anatomical knowledge. Make sure to have a play around with the quizzes, case studies and other interactive activities in the Anatomy & Physiology tab. Check out the separate Quizzes and Activities tabs as well for a wider range of activities. Create images with blank labels for study sessions using 3D Real-Time or quiz yourself as you go by naming the structures and checking your answers by hovering or selecting the structure.

Study how different body structures relate to each using the Structure Text section of 3D Real-Time. Selecting a structure and opening the Structure Text pane will provide you with detailed information on the structure and links to any related structures elsewhere in the body. Learn the body in context!

For those studying Midwifery, Anatomy.TV has an entire section in the Anatomy & Physiology tab dedicated to the Reproductive System as well as a special module on Pelvic Floor Disorders. There is a module in 3D Real Time dedicated to the female pelvis and you can also find CT and MRI scans in the CT and MRI: Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis module under the Imaging tab.

If you've missed the earlier blog posts on Anatomy.TV, make sure you refer back to them now for a run-down of how to use Anatomy.TV!

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