Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Free European Science!

No, European science is not in the slammer!

Last week, member states of the European Union agreed to support free access for all publicly funded scientific articles published in Europe by the year 2020. That’s right, free! This is part of a bigger Open Science initiative which is also pushing for greater reuse of research data. It seems a big change is coming to the scientific publishing world. By disabling the paywalls and allowing more people to have access to research and research data, there will be more minds tackling the big scientific challenges we face today – and that’s a good thing.

The hope is that a much wider section of society will interact and become involved in science in the same way that the Web 2.0 movement led to wider interaction with the Internet.

Read more about Open Access Publishing or how JCU supports the Open Access principle.

If this has got you hungry for scientific articles, the library’s got you covered. Use OneSearch to find what you’re after (refine your search to show only journal articles) or consult your subject LibGuide to see which databases are recommended for your discipline of interest.

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