Thursday, 7 July 2016

Anatomy.TV for Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

If you are studying Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy a solid understanding of anatomy is essential. Anatomy.TV, as discussed in previous blog posts, is designed to help you in this area. Containing a wealth of information on anatomy, all of which is designed to help you learn and memorise anatomy while allowing you to play with 3D interactive models, Anatomy.TV is the best place for any student struggling with anatomy in general. For tips and tricks on how to make the most of each of the Anatomy.TV modules, see the previous blog posts linked below.
But general anatomy is not all that Anatomy.TV offers to Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy students! If you click into the Therapy tab on the left side of the Anatomy.TV platform, you will find modules on Acupuncture, Anatomy trains, Hand therapy, and Massage and Manual Therapies. Check out each of these modules for further detailed information, images, and videos.

The Massage and Manual Therapies module focuses on all things related to 'treatment with the hands'. Swedish massage, Thai massage, Kinesiotaping, Muscle Energy Techniques, and more, are explored in depth with informative text, clinical slides, and short movies of techniques being performed. Check out these videos to see how to apply the techniques yourself, and read the accompanying text for a detailed overview of the therapeutic aim, indications, and benefits of each technique. There are also dissection slides and illustrated and labelled diagrams of trigger points that can be saved and used in study notes or assignment presentations.

The Hand therapy module focuses on therapy of the hand. Discover detailed information on therapy of the hand, including ligament testing, joint stiffness and arthritis, muscle testing, nerve injuries, tendon injuries, and other clinical conditions and relevant examination techniques. Videos of examination techniques are available, as well as clinical images and dissection slides.

You can also check out the Functional Anatomy tab / Sports Injuries of the Shoulder, Knee, and Foot modules for similar content relating to other body parts. See the previous blog post on Anatomy.TV for Exercise Physiology and Sport and Exercise Science for more information on these modules.

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