Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Academic Writing Short Course

Have you been thinking to yourself, "Man, I wish I could attend a short course on essay writing where Learning Advisers and Librarians tell me all about how to tackle writing and researching an assignment"?

Well, my friend, you are in luck - because this weekend we're yet again conducting our world famous Academic Writing Short Course.

Well, it might not be "world famous", but we've been running it on the second or third weekend of every semester in Townsville for almost a decade now, and it has grown into something we've taken to Cairns and far flung micro-campuses like Mackay and Mt Isa.

And we usually get pretty good reviews, too:

"I did really well on my assignments thanks to your essay workshop" - some person

"I found the workshop really helped me with my essays" - another person

(Sorry, we don't actually take names when people compliment us in the street - we just say "thanks!")

This Saturday you'll find us in the Sir George Kneipp Auditorium (Building 26) in Townsville and room A3.3 in Cairns - starting at 9.00am.

We spend 4 hours telling you about useful type stuff like how to lay out an essay, how to break down your question, how to find good resources, how to take great notes... the whole kit and kaboodle, right up to the reference list.

Then, if you stick around afterwards, you might be able to attend some break-out sessions with peer mentors.

Find the details under "Academic Writing Short Course" on the Short Courses and Workshops page.

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