Friday, 5 August 2016

Jeans for Genes Day - 5th August 2016

 Friday August 5 2016 is Jeans for Genes Day. Every year Jeans for Genes Day is held on the first Friday of August. This day not only gives you a chance to wear your blue jeans (or any other colour jeans that you like) but also raise awareness and funds to help support kids and genetic research for childhood diseases.

Jeans for Genes day first started in 1994, after it was found in 1993 that $1 Million needed to be raised ASAP for research at the Childhood Medical Research Institute. This much needed money was raised in just 2 years. Over 20 years later, Jeans for Genes day is still continuing to raise funds for children's health.

Why not check out the Jeans for Genes Day website or look at resources about genetics and children on the Library Catalogue.

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