Thursday, 27 October 2016

Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016

Jean-Pierre Sauvage.

J. Fraser Stoddart.

Ben L. Feringa.

Are these names familiar? No? Well, they should be!

Sauvage, Stoddart, and Feringa are the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016 winners. They were awarded the Prize for designing and building molecules that can be controlled to accomplish a task when supplied with energy. Read more about their research and what it means at C&EN: Molecular machines garner 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

ACS (the American Society of Chemistry) has made ten articles cited by the Nobel Prize Foundation in the winner's announcement open access. However, as JCU users you have full access to all of the ACS journals through the library's subscription. Simply find it on the A-Z Databases page or head straight to the site - ACS Publications.

ACS journals provide access to groundbreaking chemistry research with a virtual smorgasbord of peer reviewed research articles across chemical and related sciences. Along with the 10 articles cited by the Nobel Prize Foundation, Stoddart has published 267 articles in ACS journals, while Feringa and Sauvage have published 205 and 121 respectively. And that is just three renowned researchers among the thousands whose research is available to you at the click of a few buttons.

If you're studying chemistry or related sciences, head over to ACS journals now and make full use of the world of research that is open to you. Who knows - maybe you'll be making the next big discovery one day, and it will be your name and research highlighted at the Nobel Prize awards!

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