Thursday, 10 November 2016

BioOne Revamp and Search Tips!

BioOne Complete is the new title given to the previously separate databases BioOne.1 and BioOne.2 and now is listed as such on the Library’s A-Z Databases Page.

BioOne Complete provides primary research in organismal biology, ecology, zoology, and environmental science. Subjects covered include agriculture, biochemistry, biophysics, cell biology, developmental biology, fisheries, forestry, genetics, geology, marine & freshwater biology, microbiology, ornithology, palaeontology, and veterinary sciences. With over 135,000 full text articles from 191 different titles, BioOne Complete is a valuable resource for anyone in the biological, ecological, zoological, or environmental science fields.

If you haven’t used BioOne Complete before, check out the instructional videos on how to use the Basic Search or Advanced Search options. A quick start guide can also be accessed here. JCU users can also create a personal login on the platform, which will allow you to save articles to a favourites list, save searches, set up alerts for when new content is posted, track citations on specific articles, and download citations via selected citation manager programs such as EndNote. For instructions on how to set up your account and access these features, see the Creating a BioOne Complete Account guide.

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