Monday, 21 November 2016

Inter-campus Christmas tree competition, 2016

It may only be November, but one of our stellar InfoHelp Library Rovers only had a few hours left before leaving us forever, and bravely agreed to use that time by kicking off our Not-Exactly-Annual Inter-Campus Library Staff Christmas Tree Competition.

What happens is, every couple of years or so we make a Christmas tree (or something more creative) out of our print journals in the library.1, 2

Usually, Cairns wins.

Here's Townsville's entry for 2016, thanks to the efforts of our intrepid librarian Shannon, and our industrious rover Madi:

Cairns, the ball is in your court!

1. The last time we did this may or may not have been 2009, so the words "every couple of years or so" might be a tad "post-truth".
2. No print journal is harmed in the making of the tree3, all print journals are returned to their cosy spots after Christmas. If you need one we will carefully select a replacement volume for our tree and you will not go without.
3. The same cannot be said for the reverse situation. 

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Anonymous said...

Game on for the Christmas build competition.