Friday, 9 December 2016

Tropical Monsters: A call for submission

 Are you interested in the tropical folklore and beliefs that touch on all things monstrous? Well the Electronic Journal of Studies in the Tropics is releasing a special issue on this topic next year and is calling for submissions.

A Special Issue Volume 16, Issue 1, 2017 Submission deadline: 1 February 2017 TROPICAL LIMINAL: URBAN VAMPIRES (and other blood sucking monstrosities)

The vampire and other monstrous beings constitute some of the most famous myths that continue to haunt contemporary society. This special issue examines the presence of these beings within cities of the tropics and sub-tropics – from New Orleans in the deep south of America to Singapore in South East Asia – and examples from cities of the Caribbean, Latin America, African, the Pacific and tropical Asia. The special issue examines three aspects of liminality:
  • the liminal qualities of monstrous blood sucking beings such as: vampires, zombies, Pontianaks, sea sirens, were-tigers, shape-shifters and cyborgs.
  • the liminal and heterotopic spaces from which they arise, such as: cemeteries, bulldozed spaces, shrines, ritual spaces, schools and factories, between buildings, and everyday spaces of taboo.
  •  and how they manifest through liminal experiences of mass hysteria, trauma, anxiety, menstruation, dreams, and altered states of consciousness.
Also of interest is the way myths and stories arise through various media: material culture, film, literature, social media, visual arts, news reports, and scholarly works. Instructions for authors · Submissions close 1 February 2017 · Visit eTropic

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