Tuesday, 21 February 2017

New Subscription - Oxford Scholarship Online

JCU has recently subscribed to Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO).

Updated monthly, OSO offers access to thousands of scholarly eBooks on a range of topics. JCU has subscribed to the following collections: Biology, Linguistics, Palliative Care, Psychology, Public Health and Epidemiology, Social Work, and Sociology.

Find OSO on the Library Databases A-Z under O for Oxford or continue reading for more information about each of the collections we subscribe to!

Biology Collection

The OSO Biology Collection focuses on ecology and evolution, with topics covered including evolutionary biology, epidemiology, conservation biology, physiology, animal biology, marine and aquatic biology, microbiology, and plant science and forestry. Follow the link below for all of your biology research needs.

Browse the Biology Collection.


Linguistics Collection

The OSO Linguistics Collection provides information on all fields of theoretical and historical linguistics and has extensive lists in linguistic typology, language evolution, and language in culture and society. Topics covered include language families, semantics and pragmatics, and theoretical linguistics. If you're studying or simply interested in linguistics, check out the collection now!

Browse the Linguistics Collection.


Palliative Care Collection

The OSO Palliative Care Collection covers all topics in palliative care, including palliative medicine and older people, paediatric palliative medicine, pain management and palliative pharmacology, patient care and end-of-life decision making, and palliative medicine research. Focus is on evidence-based palliative care, quality of life, and ethics. Follow the link below to browse the 82 titles currently available in this collection.

Browse the Palliative Care Collection.


Psychology Collection

OSO’s Psychology Collection focuses on cognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and cognitive development. This collection includes all titles from the Oxford Psychology Series, as well as titles in the core areas of cognitive research, such as cognitive development, developmental neuroscience, affect and emotion, perception, memory, attention, social cognition/social neuroscience, behavioural neuroendocrinology, cognitive models and architectures, ethology and comparative cognition, behavioural genetics, and cognitive engineering/human-technology interaction. A must browse for all psychology students!

Browse the Psychology Collection.


Public Health and Epidemiology Collection

The OSO Public Health and Epidemiology Collection consists of 180 scholarly titles on a range of public health and epidemiology topics affecting populations around the world. Topics covered include access to healthcare, health promotion, evidence-based public health, and food policy. Make sure to have a look if you're studying this area.

Browse the Public Health and Epidemiology Collection.


Social Work Collection

The Social Work collection includes titles on social policy, crime and justice, and children and families. With 172 titles from notable authors in the social work field, the collection focuses on broad areas of the social work discipline, such as child welfare and mental health, with an emphasis on research methods and evidence-based practice. If you're looking at a future career in social work, this is a great place to visit to support your study.

Browse the Social Work Collection.


Sociology Collection

OSO’s Sociology collection covers economic sociology, law, crime, and deviance, as well as marriage and the family. There is a strong focus on research that addresses both enduring questions in the sociology field as well as trends and key issues in the world today. A range of methodologies and approaches, from empirical and theoretical to quantitative and qualitative are represented. Follow the link below to browse the 183 titles currently available.

Browse the Sociology Collection.


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