Tuesday, 2 May 2017

News Makers and News Fakers

Unless you slept through 2016 and missed the 2016 US Presidential election, you’ve probably heard of fake news.

But what is fake news? Why should we care about it? And how can we identify it?

Our newly published News makers/news fakers guide is a great starting point when it comes to answering these questions. Go through the guide to learn about different varieties of fake news including disinformation, hoaxes, clickbait and native advertising. You’ll learn what these types of fake news are and how to spot them in the wild, wild web and beyond.

Ever found an article online and wondered if you can use it in your assignment? The guide provides tips on how to check news sources to see if the stories are legitimate.

We’ve also included some interactive activities to get some practice in evaluating online news and develop your fake news radar. You can find News makers/news fakers within our How to Guides.

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