Saturday, 29 July 2017

Atlas of Living Australia

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is Australia's national biodiversity database. Founded on the principle of data sharing – collect it once, share it, use it many times – the ALA pulls together biodiversity data from multiple sources including museums, herbaria, government departments, community groups, individuals, and universities, and makes it freely accessible and reusable.

Start by checking out the iconic Australian species or conduct your own search for any of the 119,291 species currently listed in the ALA database. Download datasets including information such as occurrence records, environmental data, images and the conservation status of species which can be used for environmental impact assessments, urban development applications, field guides and school projects. Explore your area and find out what species are around you (check out the results for JCU by enlarging the picture below!) or get involved in the ALA by recording a sighting, submitting a data set, joining a Citizen Science project, or helping to digitise museum collections.

Whether you're involved in research, environmental monitoring, conservation planning, education, or even citizen science, the ALA is an invaluable resource.

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