Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Can't find the book or journal you need for your research in the library?

Found a book or journal article in Google Scholar  or Trove that you would like to borrow or copy for research and can't find it in  OneSearch? The answer is JCU Library's Interlibrary Loans Service to Staff and Students.

JCU Library has a strong network with other libraries in Australia and worldwide, for reciprocal borrowing where available, or obtaining a copy of an article or thesis from their collections.

JCU Library does pass on the cost of sourcing the required material, but we do our best to obtain books and material by the most cost effective means. Charges depend upon where the item is sourced and the urgency which is it required by. If the article or item can be borrowed from within Australia, the minimum charge per item or article is $15.00.

The more information you can provide on the request form, the better it will help us with locating the exact item you require, and ensure processing in the shortest time-frame. Including the source of your citation will be of further help in locating items or articles, particularly those which might be rare. Please check your campus for the pickup location.

So head to our interlibrary loans pages for more information on eligibility and for request and payment forms.

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