Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Navigating the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library (Townsville)

Have you ever come to the library, looked around, and felt overwhelmed?

Don't worry you are not alone, there is a lot going on in the library.

So here is your guide to navigating the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on the Townsville campus.

Ground Floor

The PASS room (18-008) is located outside the eastern side of the building, there is also a small kitchenette here.

The Ground Floor is a collaborative zone, reasonable levels of noise and discussion are encouraged, and hot foods can be eaten in the Cafe area if you dont want to take advantage of our outdoor areas for a meal break.

First Floor
The First Floor is our quiet zone, you can talk and work in groups but keep your voices low. Food is allowed as long as it isn't hot, odorous, or messy; others may not appreciate the scent of your KFC or pizza as much as you.

Second Floor
The Second Floor is a complete silence zone- this means no talking or sound at all. Food is allowed as long as you eat it quietly (no crinkly chip packets). If you are listening to music make sure it is not audible to others. Keep this in mind if using the Group Study Room and keep your voices down.

If in doubt come over to the InfoHelp desk and we can point you in the right direction!

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