Thursday, 28 April 2016

Brill Biology Journals

Looking for Biology resources? Take a look at JCU's Brill Biology Journals!

Founded in 1683, Brill has a long history of producing quality journals. James Cook University subscribes to a number of biology journals with Brill, each of which are listed below. These journals cover a range of topics across the biological sciences field, including animal biology, marine biology, human senses research, and behavioural studies.
  • Amphibia-Reptilia (herpetology)
  • Animal Biology (zoology, including ecology, behaviour, evolution, morphology, neurobiology, developmental biology, physiology, cognition, endocrinology, systematics, genomics, and theoretical biology)
  • Art & Perception (exploring the link between the science of perception and the arts)
  • Behaviour (animal (including human) behaviour, including ecology, physiology, learning, cognition, and neuroscience)
  • Crustaceana (crustacean research, including taxonomy, ecology, physiology, anatomy, genetics, palaeontology and biometry)
  • IAWA Journal (microscopic structure of wood and bark of stems and roots of woody plants)
  • Insect Systematics & Evolution (systematic entomology and the evolutionary history of insects and related groups)
  • Journal of Crustacean Biology (crustacean and other marine arthropods biology)
  • Multisensory Research (multisensory processing, including perceptual, behavioural, neural and computational mechanisms)
  • Nematology (nematological research, from molecular biology to field studies)
  • Tijdschrift voor Entomologie (systematic and evolutionary entomology)
  • Timing & Time Perception (psychophysical, neuroimaging, pharmacological, computational, and theoretical advances on the topic of timing and time perception in humans and other animals)
If you're studying or simply interested in any of these areas, make sure to have a look today!

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