Saturday, 14 January 2017

Find Dissertations and Theses from America - Free!

American Doctoral Dissertations is an open access comprehensive record of dissertations accepted by American universities from 1902 to present. With more than 172,000 theses and dissertations listed, and links to full text where available, this database is an excellent resource for all research areas.

The database was founded by the H.W. Wilson Foundation and EBSCO in 2014 to make it easier to access previously hard to find scholarly writing. So far, the site includes dissertations and theses from Rochester Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University, and 31 colleges and universities under OhioLINK, and more repositories will be added in the near future. Each record includes links to individual Institutional Repositories where the thesis or dissertation is housed, and researchers can contact authors or access full text that is already uploaded to respective repositories.

There is so much research out there that is practically undiscoverable. American Doctoral Dissertations opens a window to that data, allowing researchers to find information that previously might have been lost on dusty shelves. Visit the database today at to see what you can find!

And if you’re looking for research closer to home, take the chance to check out JCU’s own institutional repository, ResearchOnline@JCU while you’re at it!

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