Thursday, 18 May 2017

Hoax emails claiming to be from the library

A few people have been receiving emails claiming to be from "" and asking them to click on a link to fix something in their account.

This is not from us, it is a hoax.

Sending someone an unsolicited email asking them to click on a link to "save", "fix" or "reactivate" an account is a popular technique for scammers.

Never trust an email that does this, and always check by going directly to the website of the company involved (DO NOT click on any links in the email) to check if it is legitimate.

A few things to check:

  • How have they addressed you? We should have your proper name on file, and we should address you like a normal person. If it looks like a form letter that was generated by scanning your email address, it's not from us.
  • The email address they give you may look okay, but does it match the email address on the company's contacts page? "" is not our email address. Our address is Also, the phone number they have given you in the email does not match the phone number on our contacts page.
  • Hover over any links (DON'T click on them) and see if the link that turns up when you hover over matches the one on the page. When you hover over the link on the scam email being sent (supposedly in our name) you can see it doesn't match what they have written in the email, and it ends in - that definitely isn't one of our webpages.
  • How have they signed off on the email? Does their signature look professional - an email communication from a business to their client concerning their account will be formatted carefully and contain correct details.
And, remember, if you receive any emails (or phone calls) from any organisation, and you aren't sure if it's legitimate DO NOT click on any links (or agree to anything over the phone), but go straight to the organisation's web page, find their contact details, and ask them directly.


Ashish Mishra said...

I got a mail today. Surprised how did the scammer got the domain ''

Nathan said...

Hi Ashish,

Spammers are very good at what they do. At JCU our IT help desk has some information about the spam, how it happens and how to keep yourself secure.