Saturday, 28 October 2017

New book: Travelling home, Walkabout magazine and mid-twentieth-century Australia

Travelling home, Walkabout magazine and mid-twentieth-century Australia (ebook: Full-text online)

Travelling home provides a detailed analysis of the contribution that the mid twentieth-century Walkabout magazine made to Australia's cultural history. Spanning five decades of the twentieth century (1934-1974), Walkabout was integral to Australia's sense of self as a nation. By advocating travel - both vicarious and actual - Walkabout encouraged settler Australians to broaden their image of the nation and its place in the Pacific region. Walkabout was widely circulated and invariably found in the waiting rooms of dentists, doctors and hair dressers.  Drawing on interdisciplinary scholarship, Travelling Home engages with key questions in literary, cultural, and Australian studies about national identity.

 Topics covered include:

  • History of Walkabout magazine
  • Key contributors
  • Racial representation
  • Development and modernity
  • Nature and environment
  • Pacific and Papua New Guinea
Interested in reading the primary source? JCU Library also holds print copies of Walkabout, ranging from 1934-1974.

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