Thursday, 16 November 2017

New titles from Issues in society

Each book in the Issues in society series is a thoroughly researched compilation of the latest news, facts, opinions and statistics from a wide variety of primary and secondary sources. Information in each 'Issues in Society' title is carefully selected to ensure that it is current, unbiased and balanced. At less than 100 pages each, the books are an ideal way to get an overview of current topics from mostly Australian sources.

The library has just acquired two new ebooks in the series:

Social media and young peopleThis book examines the prevalence of social media use by young Australians, and explores its impacts on their well-being, both positive and negative. The book also offers helpful tips on appropriate ways of using and staying safe on social media sites. 

The global refugee crisis - One in every 122 persons worldwide is now either a refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum. This book explores global refugee trends and discusses Australia’s response to the plight of asylum seekers and refugees. In our practically borderless global society,  how should Australia play its part in dealing with this unprecedented humanitarian crisis? 

For instructions on how to borrow an eBook by downloading it; check out our eBook LibGuide. Some eBooks require logging in with your JCU username and password; additional software will need to be installed to download books to a digital bookshelf. Most eBooks can be read online without downloading extra software.

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