Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Reserve Online is Dead, Long Live Readings!

Our Reserve Online (Masterfile) system for managing course readings and past exam papers is not compatible with the upgraded version of Blackboard (inc. Ultra).  We have been migrating content since December 2017 and as of the 31 March 2018 Reserve Online will no longer be available to staff and students.

The new system Readings (Talis) has replaced Reserve Online. In addition to allowing a more streamlined digitisation (scanning) process to manage Copyright requirements, Readings also gives academic staff the ability to more effectively self manage and curate their Reading Lists and link to their LearnJCU site. The dashboard also offers valuable analytics to monitor student engagement.  Library & Information Services staff are working with LTSE and academic staff to ensure content (esp. digitised resources) is available before the commencement of SP2.

To find out more about Readings and how to create and manage lists we are hosting workshops (inc. F2F and webinars).  Make sure you check out the Readings LibGuide and FAQs.  You can also get in directly with the Library or your discipline Liaison Librarian.

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