Wednesday, 9 May 2018

52 Book Challenge - Week 19

Did you know that, in referencing styles like AMA, you never abbreviate the title of a journal if it is only one word long? Journals with one-word titles often have the most fun titles - Brain, Pain, Blood, Dementia... They sound like they would look great on your coffee table, don't they?

When you only have one word in your title, you need something that will have some impact. Which leads us to this week's Reading Challenge:

19. A book with a one-word title.

So, unfortunately, this is one of those weeks where you just can't read a Harry Potter book for the challenge. The good news is, there are some brilliant books out there with one-word titles. Frankenstein, Dracula, Emma (one of these things is not like the others)...

The trouble is, it's hard to search for a book based on the number of words in the title, so if you're thinking of taking up this week's challenge, and you can't think of a book that fits the criteria, you should take this opportunity to ask your friends for ideas and recommendations. It's more fun that way, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

I recommend Perfume by Patrick Suskind