"Zero dollar textbooks" can save money for students - JCU Library awareness campaign on the benefits of OERs (Open Educational Resources)

What are open educational resources (OERs) and how can they benefit JCU students? 

Over the next 8 weeks,  JCU Library is going to host a series of posts highlighting the benefits of OERs (especially Open Textbooks ) for JCU students, curriculum, lecturers, the University and society in general.

Open Educational Resources (OERs) are educational materials that are licensed in ways that allow us to legally and freely copy, use, adapt and re-share them. OERs include courses, textbooks, assignments, tests, projects, software, audio, video and animation (Source: UNESCO and Open Education Resource Foundation).

Why are OERs and zero dollar textbooks good for students at JCU?

  • Zero dollar textbooks allow students to save money on the purchase of expensive textbooks
  • OERs allow immediate access to textbooks without purchasing delays for students - especially for external and online students
  • Students have access to OER material on day 1 of class...which means better prepared students
  • No limits on simultaneous user access for ebooks 
  • Supporting materials are available 24/7 and not locked away or restricted behind barriers
  • OERs can improve grades - less stress and improved student success
  • OERs have a positive impact on retention of students
To find out more about OERs stay tuned for our upcoming posts as we highlight further benefits for our JCU community.  The JCU Library OER Guide is also a key resource in understanding and identifying OERs.