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Australian Pollinator Week

A blue-banded bee hovers in front of a spiky pink flower. It's wings are flapping so quickly they appear to be a blur.
"Blue banded bee and flowers"
by jeans_Photos (CC BY 2.0)

It's Australian Pollinator Week!

This is a time for us to reflect on all of the many critters who help our plants "spread the love".

Birds and bees are certainly involved, but so are wasps, flies, beetles and... bats!

Yes, bats are important pollinators for many Australian plants, so the next time you hear a flying fox rummaging around in your mango tree, thank them for being such a key part of our ecosystem.

There are many pollinators of all shapes and sizes on our campuses, and we invite you to have a Pollinator Picnic on our Library lawns any time this week. We'll lend you the picnic mats, you try to spot as many pollinators as you can.

Can't come onto campus? That's okay - have a Pollinator Picnic in your own backyard or a nearby park. 

Whether on campus or off, we'd love to see what you find, so take a photo, if you can, and tag it with #jculibrary and #AustralianPollinatorWeek - make sure to @ us so we can like and share!

Oh, and if you just want to read up on Australian pollinators, we've got you covered. Check out our books and eBooks on the topic.


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