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Library Closure

 The Library buildings on the Bebegu Yamba (Douglas, Townsville) and Nguma-Bada (Smithfield, Cairns) campuses are closed from midday on Friday the 24th of December, 2021 until 8am on Tuesday the 4th of January, 2022.

The buildings and library services (including Chat) are unavailable during this time.

You can still access our online resources and our FAQs (both are searchable from the search box on our home page), and you can leave an enquiry with us using our Contacts and we will respond to you when we return.

Computing labs and 24 hour spaces on JCU campuses are closed for maintenance during this time and are not available. The campuses are closed until the 4th of January.


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eBook Release: Foundations of Academic Success

We are excited to announce the launch of the third book from the JCU Open Education Initiative on JCU Open eBooks! E arly preparation, learning how to study, and getting assessment tips from people in the know are some of the keys to a successful start at university.  Foundations of Academic Success The new JCU Open eBook Foundations of Academic Success   is designed to support students undertaking bridging subjects at James Cook University in developing the fundamental skills and knowledge required for study. The book owes its origins to the open textbook “ Academic Success ” which was adapted from “ College Success ” to the Australian context by a team of educators from the University of Southern Queensland. Foundations of Academic Success builds on the wealth of knowledge generated by these textbooks and adds a unique tropical flavour in its adaptation to the JCU context.   A cross-university collaboration The book draws together the expertise of JCU’s learning advisors, the Stu

Tips for EndNote: Authors' Names

EndNote has very particular rules about how to format authors' names so that they appear correctly in your in-text citations and reference lists. Each author has to appear on a separate line in the Author field of the record, and *must* follow one of the following two patterns: Smith, John OR John Smith EndNote can take either of those patterns to make the name appear in the right format in your paper (you can use initials instead of the authors' given names). This can get a little tricky if your author is a company or corporation (like, say, James Cook University Library ) or a name like Dalai Lama or Dr. Seuss , which have to be kept in order rather than broken into the  surname, initial  pattern. If you simply type James Cook University Library into the Author field, EndNote will put it in your in-text citations like this:   (Library, 2015) .*  And it will put it in your reference list like this: Library, J.C.U. (2012). The secret is the comma.  EndNote as

Welcome to 2022!

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome back! We are still in Summer time until the start of Semester One. During Summer, our Australian Campus libraries are open for the following hours: The Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on the Bebegu Yumba Campus (Douglas, Townsville)  Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday-Sunday closed 24 hour Information Commons are available after hours. The Cairns Library on the Nguma-bada Campus Library Services: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Saturday-Sunday closed Library Building: Monday-Sunday 7.30am-10pm