JCU Eddie Koiki Mabo Lecture Series accessible via NQHeritage@JCU


Eddie Koiki Mabo, © James Cook University

During National Reconciliation week we celebrate the archiving of the JCU Eddie Koiki Mabo Lecture Series into NQHeritage@JCU – the online repository for the JCU Library Special Collections.   This new home for this nationally important Series will provide permanent, global access to the Lectures.

James Cook University celebrates the history-making Mabo decision with the long established Eddie Koiki Lecture Series, an annual public commemorative presentation by a prominent person who has made a significant contribution to contemporary Australian society.


JCU Professor Martin Nakata (Deputy Vice Chancellor - Indigenous Education and Strategy) has previously stated, “this JCU annual Mabo Lecture Series honours, celebrates and remembers Koiki Mabo’s achievements as a proud Meriam man who understood Malo’s law (the traditional law) and worked to have it recognised – as an activist who worked on behalf of the Torres Strait Islander community in this city (Townsville) and as a revered former employee of this University.  The Lecture Series honours him by highlighting the ongoing work of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders as well as the contribution that non-indigenous people make towards our cause.”

JCU Library has collaborated with the JCU Indigenous Education and Research Centre to archive and present the Lecture Series via NQHeritage@JCU.  The Lectures are represented by videos, transcripts and sometimes both.   

Read the transcript of the very first Lecture in the Series delivered by Fr Frank Brennan SJ AO in 2004.  Follow the links below to catch up on the last four Lectures delivered between 2016 and 2021 by the following significant persons.

Hon Leanne Enoch who presented “Taking up Space, Taking our Place" in 2015.

JCU Professor Martin Nakata who presented “Re-thinking indigenous Learning Support" in 2016.

Professor Megan Davis who presented “The Mabo Political Settlement:  What Became of Social Justice Package?” in 2017.

Emeritus Professor John Maynard who presented “Indigenous Heroes and Heroines” The Missing Profiles in Australian History” in 2021.

JCU Library will continue to progress the work to establish the complete Lecture Series in NQHeritage@JCU over the coming weeks.  

Don't forget it's not too late to register to attend the 2022 JCU Eddie Koiki Mabo Lecture this friday on Mabo Day (3rd June) which will be presented by the award winning journalist and author, Stan Grant.