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Library and Information Week 2022

Library and Information Week 2022 Rewrite. Renew. Reimagine.

25-31 July is Library and Information Week where we celebrate all the work done by Library and Information professionals across Australia. This Library and Information Week, JCU Library would love to see people re-engaging with our collections and resources, renewing your thoughts by pondering on stories we have been told and reimagining stories anew.

JCU library is celebrating all the work we do to support the staff and students. Look out for some badly photoshopped staff photos on our Instagram page, take a break from your studies with some colouring in or even pick up a badge.

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Popular Posts

Can't log on to eStudent, JCU webmail or LearnJCU?

InfoHelp Desk, Townsville New and sometimes returning students may need to reset their password after the semester break. If you forget your password or it doesn't work, there are two ways to change your password at JCU: You can come to the Library InfoHelp desk at Cairns and Townsville with photo ID (for example a student card, license, or 18+ card) and InfoHelp staff will investigate and help you through the process. You can contact the IT Help Desk by email or log a job via the self service portal Service Now 's Central Authentication Service . Just provide details like your JCU student number, date of birth and current address and the IT staff will send a temporary password. You then need to change it. You can read more about Changing your password online. The InfoHelp Desk in the Cairns and Townsville Libraries are good places to ask questions during Orientation Week , if you get lost or are unsure where to get help at JCU.

Cairns Show Holiday 2015: Cairns Library Closed

The JCU Cairns Campus Library will be CLOSED on Friday 17th of July 2015 for the Cairns Show Day holiday. See Library Opening Hours web page for Townsville and Cairns Library regular opening hours.

Tips for EndNote: Authors' Names

EndNote has very particular rules about how to format authors' names so that they appear correctly in your in-text citations and reference lists. Each author has to appear on a separate line in the Author field of the record, and *must* follow one of the following two patterns: Smith, John OR John Smith EndNote can take either of those patterns to make the name appear in the right format in your paper (you can use initials instead of the authors' given names). This can get a little tricky if your author is a company or corporation (like, say, James Cook University Library ) or a name like Dalai Lama or Dr. Seuss , which have to be kept in order rather than broken into the  surname, initial  pattern. If you simply type James Cook University Library into the Author field, EndNote will put it in your in-text citations like this:   (Library, 2015) .*  And it will put it in your reference list like this: Library, J.C.U. (2012). The secret is the comma.  EndNote as