Need to update your skills? Try LinkedIn Learning

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

 Do you need to learn how to use Excel for a project? Or improve your coding skills? Maybe you just want an introduction to PowerPoint?

Or, perhaps you need to learn a bit more about business communication and project management?

Maybe you need to know how to edit photos or how to add visual effects to a video?

Did you know JCU has access to LinkedIn Learning? This is a collection of short training courses to help you gain skills in business, creative industries and technology. There are over 3000 courses and they have classes aimed at all levels of expertise: beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

If you are looking for a general introduction to a new tool (like, say, Adobe's Photoshop or Microsoft's Planner), you will find something here. If you want to update your skills in a particular area (like data visualisation or instructional design), you'll find something here.

LinkedIn Learning (which used to be has a number of features worth exploring, including "Role Guides", which offer recommended training for people who are working in (or want to find employment in) particular roles (like "Sales Manager" or "System Administrator").

While LinkedIn Learning is particularly useful to people who are working in business, technology, creative industries or education, you will also be able to use it to help you gain skills to assist with completing assignments (like digi-explanations).

Have a look around and see if there's a course that would benefit you, or search for the tool you need to learn how to use (like Excel) and see what is available.

You can get to LinkedIn Learning from the Library's home page. Either drop down the Learn menu above the image of the Mabo Library, or search for LinkedIn in the Databases tab of our search box.

When you get to the LinkedIn Learning log in page, just put in your JCU email address and you'll be sent to the sign-on page for JCU.

Drop down the learn menu on the grey navigation bar at the top of the library's home page (under the university's headers) to find a link to LinkedInLearning

Choose the Databases tab in the big search box on the library's home page and search for LinkedIn